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Creating high-performance direct mail programs can be difficult, costly, and time consuming. And it gets even worse if you don’t have the institutional expertise or the right marketing resources. But it doesn’t have to be.

Our goal is to partner with you as an extension of your marketing team to create a seamless process and to custom-tailor a winning solution that fits your needs.

Strategic Planning

We begin by understanding your needs and goals. Then we study your brand, your past marketing efforts, the competition, and your target market. Based on your unique situation, we collaborate to build a strategic direct mail program plan that will deliver the best possible response with lowest risk. The right strategic thinking can help you create a predictable program and a competitive marketing advantage.

Project Management

If you’re responsible for driving sales, you need a capable team you can count on to push your direct mail program forward quickly. In fact, we do this day in and day out. We'll take you from initial concept through mailing with our eyes on every detail to make sure your program is delivered on time and on budget.

Creative Services

Our writers and designers are direct mail specialists who build concepts that integrate your brand, the needs of your target audience, and high-performing formats to deliver breakthrough results. They can quickly hone in on the right idea, offer, and message to grab attention and move your audience to action.

Lists Targeting

There are many potential list sources available today. But what list will best target your direct mail audience? And what groups within the list should you focus on? We’ll do the list research and help you evaluate the options. Making the right list choices can boost your mail response by 100% or more.

Predictive Modeling

Using the latest advanced automated analytics, millions of data points, and powerful machine learning (artificial intelligence), we can study your best customers to target your best prospects with pinpoint accuracy. Check out this case study.

Data Management

Accurate mailing data is a critical foundation for the success of any direct mail campaign. The RPM team has decades of experience working with client and third-party data to reduce waste and ensure delivery to the desired target.

Printing & Personalization

We manage production of millions of pieces of mail each month with a network of carefully selected production partners capable of delivering top-quality results. From developing cost-effective formats to the final mailed package, your project will surpass expectations.

Mailing Logistics

Our team has deep experience managing the delivery process. We know exactly how to process the data and build drop schedules to maximize postage savings, while making sure your direct marketing program lands in homes right on time.

Digital Integration

We live in an integrated world with new marketing opportunities and tools emerging all the time. To flourish, marketers must be able to identify the right tactics and build systems that work together to maximize results. We help you find the innovative solutions, bridging the gap between tried-and-true marketing tactics and cutting-edge technology.

Program Analytics

Accurate attribution and analytics are critical for understanding the results of marketing programs and providing insights that drive future planning. We help you read test campaign results and find the valuable learnings, so you can make the right decisions and scale up your direct mail program with confidence.

Long-Range Planning

After spending decades working on the top direct marketing-driven sales channels in the country, we can help you build an ongoing planning system that optimizes performance so you can move from testing to sending out predictable, self-funding programs that keep getting better and better.

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